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HAGRA can offer you a wide range of used milking machinery brands.

DeLaval / Alfa Laval

DeLaval logo Alfa Laval Agri logo

With 1 out of 3 cows being milked by DeLaval equipment worldwide, this is clearly the unchallenged market leader. Because of this worldwide availability, DeLaval goods are very wanted on the export market. Spare parts are available in every country.
In the year 2000 the Swedish company Alfa Laval renamed his Agricultural Division, it's now called "DeLaval". Since a lot of the equipment presently in use, has the Alfa Laval label on it, this old name will linger for many years.

The international website of DeLaval can be found at: http://www.delaval.com.


Manus logo

Nowadays Manus is a European brand of DeLaval. Once, Manus was an independent company that manufactured milking machinery parts under license of DeLaval. Because of the great similarity between Manus parts and DeLaval parts, its image and quality is similar to that of DeLaval. Outside Europe one must be able to rely on the maintenance efforts and spare parts of the local DeLaval-dealer, otherwise, it will be hard to install and maintain a Manus milking parlour outside Europe.

The international website of Manus/DeLaval can be found at: http://www.delaval.com.


New Fullwood Logo Old Fullwood Logo

The British company Fullwood has been among the first pioneers of milking equipment manufacturers. It has always been a reliable player on the European market. Outside Europe its dealer network is limited to certain areas. If there is no local Fullwood-dealer available near you, this brand may not be the best solution for your milking needs.

The international website of Fullwood can be found at: http://www.fullwood.com.

S.A.C. Senior

S.A.C. Senior logo

S.A.C. is the abbreviation of S.A. Christensen & Co., a Danish company, whose market share is growing gradually due to the simple, cheap, yet reliable milking equipment they produce. The worldwide dealer network makes this brand interesting for every farm, looking for a low-cost milking parlour.

The international website of S.A.C. can be found at: http://www.sac.dk.

GEA / WestfaliaSurge / Westfalia

GEA Logo New Logo

GEA is the latest name of the merged company WestfaliaSurge. It is part of the GEA-group which is also active outside the milking machinery business with a wide range of technical products for the food processing industry. The company is based in Germany, but it is active worldwide. Since the introduction of the GEA-name brand, it is working more energetically to conquer the Dutch market. Internationally it is a major player in some regions, GEA/WestfaliaSurge/Westfalia milking machines can be exported to these areas very well.

The international website of GEA can be found at: http://www.gea.com.


Westfalia logo WestfaliaSurge logo

Westfalia is/was a German company, with a very dominant market position in some local areas in Europe. In 1999 they have merged with the North American company called Surge, the new name of the combination was WestfaliaSurge. As described above, it is now active under the name "GEA", but the strong and trustworthy name of "Westfalia" will linger in the daily talk of many people for quite a while.


Surge logo WestfaliaSurge Logo

Surge was the North American manufacturer of milking equipment that merged with Westfalia in 1999, as described above. In north America it was a major brand with a large share of the market, in Europe it has always been a minor player.


BouMatic logo

American by origin, the BouMatic brand has undergone rapid developments on the Dutch market. Was it once known as the "ugly duckling" of all brands, today it is a popular and leading brand which is the favorite of many dairy farmers.

The international website of BouMatic can be found at: http://www.boumatic.com.


Gascoigne-Melotte logo

The British Gascoigne merged with the Belgian Melotte a long time ago. The company has undergone many successes and disasters over the years, and has had many different owners. Eventually, the company was bought and merged into the "BouMatic" company. Its products are actually quite good, and have rarely received the credits they deserve. Because the brand does not really exist anymore, the Gascoigne-Melotte equipment has hardly any value on the second hand market.


Other marginal players in the Dutch market are "Miele", "DairyMaster" and "Strangko". HAGRA usually has no machines or parts of these makes in stock.