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Spare Parts

HAGRA supplies many used substitute parts for bulk milk coolers and milking machinery.

Regarding milk coolers one can think of parts like agitator engines, stirring blades, condensing units, cleanser dosage cups for the automatic cleaning unit, tank monitors, and numerous rubber parts.

Parts for milking machinery are available in large quantities. Examples are vacuum pumps, silencers, milk pumps, glass milk receiving containers, milk flow meters, automatic release cilinders, tubes, rubber pipe connectors, teat cups, clawpieces, pulsators, electronic pulsation control units, fastening clamps, Stainless steel and PVC piping, feeding troughs, feeding dosage units, and much more...

All parts are guaranteed in working order, and cost a fraction of brand new parts. Feel free to inform about the availability and price of the parts you are looking for. Contact us by one of the media mentioned at the contact page.

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