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Horizontal Tank Volume Calculations

For horizontal tanks without calibration charts, it can still be very interesting to have an estimation of the contents of that tank.

Partially filled horizontal cylindrical tankOn the subsequent pages we will provide calculation tools to determine the maximum volume of horizontal tanks, as well as tools to estimate the liquid volume of a partially filled horizontal tank, using the reading on a dip stick, ruler or measuring tape.
Tools are provided for cylindrical horizontal tanks, and for oval (elliptical) tanks.


The calculations on these pages are a purely theoretical exercise! Therefore the outcomes of the calculations on these pages can only be used for indicative purposes. It might help you to estimate the content of a tank.
The calculation results should not be taken as final in the case of industrial or highly specialized commercial installations. Do not use the calculation results to ascertain the commercial value of the contents of a tank. For trustworthy measuring of the liquid volume inside a particular tank, the tank must be calibrated by professionals of the local official calibration authorities.
For commercial use, the end user should perform a new calibration once the tank is installed on its final place. The gauger should attach seals to the legs of the tank, to avoid tampering or fraud.