Bulk Milk Coolers, Bulk Storage Tanks,
  Milking Machinery and Spare Parts

Welcome to the Hagra website, HAGRA is a Dutch firm, specialized in the trade of used bulk milk coolers and milking machinery.
HAGRA's customers are spread all over the world. Our export countries include most countries in Europe, many African and South-American countries and even some countries in Asia.

The core business of the firm is the trade in used bulk milk coolers (also known as milk cooling tanks). Hagra can provide bulk milk coolers with a capacity range from 200 litres up to more than 20,000 litres. The stocklist includes all popular makes, such as Mueller, DeLaval/Alfa Laval, Packo, Zero/IK, Etscheid, DRU and more. The current stock can be requested here. Besides the immediately available stock, we can provide specific tanks at request as well.

The second branche of activities of the firm consists of the trade and export of used milking machinery. HAGRA can provide you with simple parts like teat cups, up to complete milking parlours. HAGRA's stock of milking machinery includes all popular makes, such as DeLaval/Alfa Laval, GEA, Surge/Westfalia, Fullwood, SAC/Senior, Manus, Gascoigne-Melotte and more. More information on the used milking machinery can be found here.