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Milking Machinery

What is milking machinery?
Milking machinery encompasses every piece of machinery that is involved in deriving the milk from the cows udder, and in the hygienical transport to the cooling tank.
A more extensive explanation can be found in our glossary(opens a new window).

HAGRA has milking machinery of the common makes in Holland, in its stock. Clicking any of the names below will bring you to a concise description of the manufacturer and its products.

What does HAGRA have to offer?
The HAGRA stock comprizes several complete used milking parlours, as well as many milking parlour parts. Besides the immediately available stock, HAGRA has access to many used parlours that are still in the market. So don't hesitate to contact us if you have any special requests.
The vast majority of used milking parlours is of the so-called "Herringbone"-type. These parlours are available in sizes varying from 2x2 milking places up to 2x12 milking places. Occasionally larger parlours can be found as well.
Specially for the countries where cattle milking is an emerging market, and farmers have a very modest livestock, HAGRA also collects and sells so-called milkbuckets, a very simple system consisting of one bucket, one pulsator, and one clawpiece.