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Other brands of milk cooling tanks

In addition to the regular brands of milk cooling tanks HAGRA can offer you various other brands of used milk cooling tanks in numerous measures of capacity.


Etscheid logo

Etscheid tanks originate from "Etscheid Anlagen Gmbh", Neustadt/Wied-Fernthal, Germany.

The Etscheid model Click here to see pictures of the Etscheid Tank

Etscheid has two models of bulk milk coolers, the open type (RT) for smaller quantities of milk, and the closed type (KT). The predominant type (KT) has a square shaped model with rounded corners.


Girton Dairy Equipment logo

Girton tanks originate from Millville PA, USA.

The Girton Ambassador model Click here to see pictures of the Girton Tank

Girton has one basic model of bulk milk coolers, a cylindrical shaped model with a flat bottom.


Japy logoJapy-Tech logo

Japy tanks originate from "Japy Seli-Hugonnet", Dijon, France.

The Japy model 

Japy has several models of bulk milk coolers, in the Netherlands mostly found for smaller quantities of milk. The latest name of the company is "Japy Tech". This name was introduced when the ownership of the company changed from GEA to the holding company Mutares (on December 31st 2020).

GEA / WestfaliaSurge / Westfalia

GEA logo

GEA is the latest name of merged company WestfaliaSurge. GEA tanks are produced in the factory of "Japy Seli-Hugonnet", Dijon, France.

The GEA models 

GEA / Westfalia / WestfaliaSurge / Westfalia Separator are brand names of a company that operates on the Dutch milk cooling tank market since a couple of years. The names of the different model series are Kryos, Atlas and TCool. We have recently included a page to our website where information about the various GEA / WestfaliaSurge milk cooling tanks can be found.


Dari-Kool logo

Dari-Kool tanks originate from England.

Dari-Kool is a very rare make in Holland.


Manus logo

Manus is a European brand name of DeLaval. Manus tanks are made in the production facilities of "DeLaval" in Wroclaw, Poland.

De Manus Models 

Manus milk cooling tanks are identical to DeLaval tanks.

For cooling only?

Besides cooling, all milk cooling tanks can also be used to heat a fluid or simply to keep it isolated and warm/cold. See storage tanks for further information on this issue.